The Pale Moonlight by The Reggae Romantics - Hot Summer Song

“The Pale Moonlight”

Listen to the magic

There’s the beach and the moon and you. It’s a warm summer night. The Reggae Romantics are singing “The Pale Moonlight”, with its relaxed reggae dance rhythm. This is bliss. What more could you want than to dance our hip hop Moonie Rock ‘til the break of day.

Who are The Reggae Romantics?

The Reggae Romantics were created by Neil Pharazyn, a songwriter living in New Zealand. Neil isn’t a performing musician so he’s brought together a group of skilled musicians working incognito as session musicians. That’s The Reggae Romantics. Blair MacDonald is on instrumentals and mixing. Our vocalist is one of the best in New Zealand. He prefers to stay anonymous because he’s “moonlighting” from his usual gig.

Thanks too to Rick Chudacoff of Nashville. He critiques Neil’s songs.

Our dance team invented the hip hop Moonie Rock for our video. Could this be the start of a new genre, reggae hip hop crossover?

Click the image to download the moves to your device.

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